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It was a calm night at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. No one came there at that hour, so Meiling felt she could take a nap. She rested against one of the brick pillars, and closed her eyes. A few minutes later, they opened again, fluttering before snapping wide.
"So, how did this happen?"
Patchouli and Remilia were standing in front of Meiling's lifeless body. "I don't know," said Remilia. "I just heard her shout, and when I came outside to check on her, she was dead." Patchouli, confused, looked around Meiling for anything that would point toward what had happened. She saw a few bloody pawprints crossing the ground. "These look like Zigzagoon tracks," she said. Then the realization hit her. She backed away from the pawprints. Looking over to Meiling again, she now began to tear up, before catching herself and bringing Remilia back inside.

Once Patchouli explained what had happened, Remilia became very jumpy and nervous. Daily, she would inspect the mansion for any signs of the mysterious Zigzagoon known only by the name "Ziggy". She jumped at the slightest noise. One day, she heard a loud, high-pitched scream outside. Extremely scared, she ran into the library and clung on to Patchouli's arm. "Patchy! Patchy! It's outside!" she said. Patchouli simply tapped Remilia's shoulder a few times to calm her. However, she was rather nervous herself, and looked outside to check.

She didn't see anything out of the ordinary at first, except Meiling not being there, of course. However, when she went to the nearby pond, she jumped at the sight she saw. Cirno's dead body was on shore, her blood trickling into the pond. Patchouli backed away, genuinely frightened at this point. She tripped over a small, raccoon-like being. When she looked up at what she had tripped over, she was horrified. It was Ziggy herself. Ziggy looked at her, and smiled. "Don't fret, precious, I'm here," she said. Patchy got up and ran away, a mixture of fear and sadness causing her to cry. Ziggy ran behind her, and was too fast for her to escape...

The door slammed against its stopper. Remilia looked over at who arrived- a wounded, exhausted Patchouli. Her tattered dress was dripping blood. She coughed a couple of times before getting a few words out- "Remilia, it found me..." Remilia jumped in fright and astonishment. "Oh, goodness, Patchy! You're lucky to be alive at all, let alone still able to walk!" She then took Patchouli's hand and brought her into her room. After Patchouli sat down, she coughed more, this time coughing up a small amount of blood. Remilia bandaged Patchouli's wounds and gave a curt nod. "You lay down now, Patchy. You'll need the rest," she said, much calmly than before but still sounding worried. Patchouli laid down and fell asleep.

A few hours passed. When Patchouli woke up, she looked over to the left wall. There was a message written on the wall in blood. "Six young women, depending on time. Catch and kill one, and then there are five." Patchouli's blood ran cold. She got up and looked around outside. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Patchouli let out a sigh of relief...but a chill went down her spine at a sudden realization. Koakuma normally would've come over to greet her by now.
Flustered, she looked around the library. At some point, she found Koakuma sitting in a corner. She was severely wounded and looked dead. Patchouli walked up to her. Koakuma awakened and looked up at Patchouli. Beginning to tear up, Patchouli kneeled down and stroked Koakuma's hair affectionately. "You're definitely not alright...Are you going to make it, Koa?" she said quietly. Koakuma coughed up some blood. "I...I'm dying, I can tell..." she said.

Patchouli finally cracked and hugged her dying assistant, sobbing. Koakuma looked at her with this deep, sincere look she had never had. "Please, Patchouli...Keep Darky safe...I'm...counting on you..." she said. She then used the last of her energy to sincerely smile one last time for Patchouli, before finally giving out, closing her eyes in death. Patchouli, still crying, let go of Koakuma's dead body before running back into her room. Little did she know the worst was yet to come...
Part 2- [link]

Ah, World of Goo soundtrack. You make me write sad darkfics.


On a lighter note, the cover art was a butt to get right. The pose didn't work right away. Had to fix it.

Connected to AbAnDoNeD, if you couldn't tell.
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